Monday, October 24, 2005

I get bored easily.
3 hours into a mindless meeting this afternoon, I’m suffering.

So I’m fooling with a pen and a rubber band.
I’ve twisted it up, and let it spin out.

Unfortunately, the centripetal force sprays out ink.
Over my shirt, my face, the wall behind me, the table.

And my boss…

Not my regular boss, but the head of the entire division.

Not much you can say after that.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Run for cover

I've abandoned RSVP again.
This was the tipping point.

(She wears a trucker cap and denim mini skirt in the photo)

Strangely, I have "no princesses" at the end of my profile.

Monday, October 17, 2005

A day in the life.

Wake at 5:30, as the sky lightens – no alarm clock. Check the surf on the net. Waves are up, wetsuit on, walk to the beach – 500 metres. Surf until 7:20, or until the crowds get too much. Walk home. Shower, shave, pants on. Check emails, drink juice, eat yoghurt, iron shirt. Leave home at 8am. Buy rolls at the bakery next to the bus stop. Get on empty bus, sit at the back, where the pensioners won’t claim a seat from me later when it fills up. Read my book, glare at the unwashed and the overweight who try to sit next to me. Change to train at Bondi Junction. Continue reading. Walk the 500m to work, buy a banana at the fruit stand, through the door at 8 45. Log in, eat rolls with vegemite. Headphones on, check email, start work, finish work, headphones off, train to junction, bus to home, one beer, email, net, dvd, read, check surf for tomorrow, asleep by 11 pm. Do it all again.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Don't I know you?

I went to a toga party on Friday night, and met a girl who seemed familiar. Neither of us could work out how we knew each other. An hour later, I clicked that we went on a date about a year ago. Back then, she asked my star sign, and responded “Oh... you’re an Aries? – I don’t date Aries”