Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Doctor

I had to meet this girl - a published 'love coach' - personal trainer for the emotionally retarded. But she's been single and trawling the online websites for the last 6 months or so. We've chatted on and off for a while, with no great enthusiasm from either side. Like meeting an architect who lives in a trailer park, or a morbidly obese gym instructor - there was entertainment value up for grabs.

We met for coffee at a mundane coffee shop in a mall. Adequate conversation, until she began espousing a new numerical theory of 9 year cycles in life. I question that the standard astrological cycle is 7 years.
"well yes... but this fits so much better"
So I ask if she believes in it, or feels its more likely that human nature looks for patterns in any random sequence of events.
Well... I've never seen a mood shift so fast. She went into lockdown mode.
"I used to be like you - questioning things, but it's just so negative"
There was no saving things from there. We both ran, each feeling we had a lucky escape.

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