Friday, December 10, 2010

Drive Thru

One of my good friends lived in Darlinghust. A semi-grimy inner city suburb. 1 part yuppie, 1 part hobo, 1 part party boy. He had a decrepit Ford Laser parked on the street.
This was broken into one night, leaving it unlockable. Over the following few weeks, it began to be used as an impromptu bedroom by the local streetwalkers. While my friend was aware of this, he was a bit too lazy to do anything about it. Instead flicking the occasional used condoms out into the gutter. 
It was only some time later that he was spurred into action. One of the clients had refused to pay his special lady friend the full amount after the encounter in the car. Somehow, the local brothel who was pimping the strret walkers  felt my friend was the one who owed them money, and left a threatening letter on the dash. 
So he had to both get the car lock fixed, and go into the nearby bordello and argue his situation. 

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