Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A week of kisses

I have my mugshot on an internet dating site. I get a few people wanting to meet me, but very few that I would like to meet. Here are this weeks abridged versions.

30 inner west Likes cuddles & puppies - NO

24 city No Photo, likes U2 & Da Vinci Code NO
26 city No Photo, likes zombie flicks and art galleries NO
36 North Likes BBQs & simple things in life NO
35 East Likes everything except country music NO
30 South Fashion & science mags Nah
35 City 70s music & comedies No
x Deleted profile since I checked, No
37 North 1 kid and a passion for Jack Johnson No Way

26 City Dancing and motorsport. No
23 City Married looking for sex No

31 South Personal development & Forrest Gump No
32 QLD Gladiator & power walking No
35 City Mates, footy and surfing No
34 East AFL and organic eating No
26 City Bad spelling and soft rock No
35 City Sweet men but not horror movies No
35 North Philosophy and mountain biking YES
29 North Read nutrition books & was under 5 foot tall No
28 City Non specific kiwi – no photo Nope

32 Cent Coast Hatred of Danielle Steele & Celine dion Maybe
30 East Airline hostess & Harry Potter fan No
26 East Complimentary Medicine & Dancing No
33 City Opera & children No
34 City Profile since deleted No
30 South Coast Beach and motorbikes No

28 North Dislikes cyber sex, likes tennis No
29 North The Outsiders and the beach No
25 East Quiet nights and time with friends No

34 East REM & 3 colours No
33 North AFL & horses No

Of the 33 'kisses' I wanted to meet one. We spoke last night for an hour. Could be promising. Plans for dinner in chinatown next monday.

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