Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sketchy (mostly wrong) theories I won't tell people about.

  • More girls in their late 30s like rough sex because it's a coping mechanism for non-committal boys (or maybe they're just more honest) 
  • Raised moles mean you're a bit of a sexual deviate.
  • Pretty much everyone with a digital camera has nude photos of themselves.
  • That girls on a backpacking holiday are greater conquistadors than boys doing the same thing.
  • That eastern European girls are mostly a bit crazy.
  • Fat girls like sex more, and not because they're desperate.
  • That the meekness of Asian girls is too often a façade and should be dispensed with.
  • That American girls really do give the best head (blowjobs 101?)
  • That Cosmo's 'Hot Sex Tips' really do bore pretty much everyone.
  • Brazilians are obnoxious (never trust someone that takes a drum to the beach)

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